ID Registry Cleaner

ID Registry Cleaner 1.2

ID Registry Cleaner is a great efficient cleaner andorganizer...

ID Registry Cleaner is a great efficient cleaner andorganizer of your Registry files, scanning, monitoring and detectingsuspicious-functioning applications, and improving system running.

Scansyour computer for incorrect shortcuts, or shortcuts to programsyou have already uninstalled. It detects shortcuts that lead to wrongfiles and those that don`t have an application to back them up.

ScansRegistry to identify causes that lead to Windows brake-downs. Itdetects all programs that don`t run at optimal parameters, and thatmay cause your system to brake-down.

Detectsprograms that have been improperly installed. Misplaced files aswell as corrupted folders, downloaded in order to run a program, cancause serious damage to a program`s installation process.

Cleansand maintains optimal parameters for Windows Registry, gettingrid of junk-files, and erasing invalid references. It so increases thelevel of performance of your Windows Registry, and improves stability ofyour system.

IDRegistry Cleaner cleans obsolete start menuitems, checks your shell extensionand searches for corrupt files and extensions ofyour sound manager.

It also allows you to managethe BHO/ Toolbar/ Extensions and set your own personalpreferences. ManagesStartup programs, by handling or cleaning out broken ones, orthose that no longer have a program to be sustained by, and allowing youto choose the ones you wish to keep.

Cleansup Internet Explorer traces, protecting your site-access privacy. Your Internet action- route won`t be exposed to other users of yourcomputer.

Allowsyou to restore items that have been cleaned up orremoved with ID Registry Cleaner andalso allows you to restore entire Registry files, by making backups toall System Registry.

Runsat a high speed and has a convenient graphic interface, which isvery simple to use, and it also takes little space on your disk in orderto run.

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